About Us

Our Mission

Energy Wise Home Solutions was incorporated in 2011 as the renovation arm of Energy Wise Solutions Ltd. Energy Wise has been caring for the comfort of Canadian Homes and residents since 2003. Our goal is not only to show Canadian residents where they can increase the energy efficiency of their homes but also to provide easy access to grants available. We accomplish this by doing renovations the right way, with the correct equipment and methodology. Either prior to or after a home has received an energy evaluation by a licensed Service Organization, Energy Wise Home Solutions will provide an estimate for any upgrades a homeowner wishes to pursue.

Our History

Energywise Home Solutions has been involved in the “Green” movement since before it became popular to be green. Since 1992, our company has worked with home and commercial property owners to make their systems more efficient encouraging clients to go energy efficient when upgrading or installing new heating and air conditioning systems. EWHS, was one of the first companies in the west to contract with NRCan to complete Energuides for houses assessments, for Canadian home owners, on behalf of NRCan.

How are we different from others?

We take the headache out of eco energy retrofit renovations. We offer a one stop shop ensuring that all renovations being completed have the necessary permits and are installed to code. We also ensure that all installations and equipment meet the requirements for renovations that have government grants available to them. This means that you the homeowner will in fact recieve your incentive money!